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The jQuery SWFObject plugin is an addon for jQuery that lets you easily embed flash movies on a page.

Version History

In v1.1.1
June 16, 2010
· Added encodeParams feature so you can control if params are encoded.
· Realized I don't care for caffiene since I stopped drinking it.
In v1.1.0
June 11, 2010
· Rewrote the entire thing, again. Also single, again.
· Support for more Flash players. No, no, THIS time it's fullproof.
· Fixed a bug that occured when IE could not detect flash. I'm sorry for that bug. That was very lame of me.
In v1.0.9
Nov 17, 2009
· Support for the 10.1 player. Adobe has ever-so-slightly changed the format of the description string, so we have updated and ever-so-slightly changed the version number.
In v1.0.8
Nov 6, 2009
· Big improvements to plugin detection. So many little ie bugs for those niche cases have probably been fixed, oh yea!
· Support for id and name. You know, like the old one had.
In v1.0.7
Sep 3, 2009
· Completely rewritten with constant input and encouragement from Paul Irish and Ben Alman. Yay for those guys!
· jQuery / Flash interaction is now possible by passing a function like $(elem).flash(function() {});. Dude, that's sweet!
· Plugin tested succesfully in Firefox 3.5.2 / 3.0.12 / / / 1.0.8, Internet Explorer 8, 7, 6, 5.5, Safari 4.0.3 / 3.2.2, Chrome 2, Opera 10 / 9.64. Dang!
· Trimmed .46k. Wee!
In v1.0.6
Aug 9, 2009
· Fixed the bug where hasFlashPlayerVersion wasn't working at all. Man! What was I thinking?
· Switched from encode to encodeURIComponent for UTF8 support. Woohoo!
· Added before and after callbacks. Now you can add functions using beforeEach: function() {} and afterEach: function() {}. Soweeeet, I'm gonna call Mom right now!
· Trimmed .49k. Yea! Awesome!